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one more cup cold brew kit.





~Use 18 scoops(1tbs) of OMC COLD BREW BLEND ~Place grinds in mesh filter - place filter in jar
~Slowly add cold water over the grinds soaking till jar is full.

Let sit for 18 mins so the grounds can absorb some water, stir so all the grinds are wet and top off with water again.

~ Cover and place in the fridge for 18hours.
~After 18-24 hours of brewing remove the filter from the jar (set the filter aside in a dish to drain, make sure you save what has drained from the filter)

~You are left with approximately 16 oz. in the jar of a cold brew concentrate.

~OPTION 1 - to top off the jar with water and you have 32 oz. of cold brew ready to pour over ice and enjoy.
Add sweetener and cream to taste.

~OPTION 2 -  keep the concentrate as is.
To use as a turbo shot to add to your regular coffee , breakfast shakes or a variety of beverages.

~Discard the grinds - rinse filter and repeat brewing process in the second jar for a new batch.

Healthy  Recipes for Your Infusion Kit


  Lemon Ginger Water

~Add lemons and thinly sliced ginger to the filter, place filter in jar.

~Add boiling water over contents and let sit for an hour.

~Remove filter and top with water.

serve warm or over ice.

Green Tea Leaves

Fresh Teas

~Add a few scoops of your favorite loose tea.

~cover with boiling water and let steep for 7 minuets.

~ add fresh local honey to taste.

snip some fresh mint or lavender from the garden for an added treat.

Fruit Market

Fruit Water

~What ever fruits are in season toss in the filter, top off with water and refrigerate over night.

~ for a more intense flavor muttel the fruit while the filter is in the jar. The filter will capture any seeds or pulp.

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